Building People
Connecting things

To build on the excitement our own clients have for their projects and goals.

This is our driver. What enables us to move on those goals that move us.

The Humans

Individually, we come from long careers in the IT industry and an eclectic mix of backgrounds - Enterprise, SME, Academia and Startups.

This has made it possible for us to build a small and flexible team with great chemistry and an excelent work environment.

We wanted to create a place of work that was mentally stimulating to everyone involved. There's a heavy self development vibe among the team.

Having a group of people that share so many of our own values and work ethic is a great privilege.

Working With Us

Working closely with each client, we figure out the most adequate skillsets for their specific needs, build engagement teams that are well equipped for the immediate goals, and well rounded enough should the winds change.

This model of partnering with our clients is extremely stimualting and fun, and we have found great satisfaction in it.

Globe Trotters

Peppered a bit throughout Europe, we function as a remote first company from day one.

Remote and distributed teams are part of our DNA.

With over a decade of accumulated experience, we're happy to be part of our client's remote work journey.

The Founder

Miguel Coquet

Started fidling with programing and hardware at a young age.
Studied Systems Engineering at Ualg.
I was very lucky to start working in an international multicultural setting where English - native and non native - was the Norm.
Always worked as a developer - keeping close to the actual product - but was lucky to have the privilege to wear many hats over the years, all the way up to building entire Engineering Departments from scratch.

After a few startups, some well known like
I decided to start the company as a vehicle towards the perfect work environment. Good People and Good projects, forever. No Exit needed ;)